“A new black programmer joins the lobby.”

Joshua smiles for a photo in is first custom suit. He bought the fabric in Cape Town, South Africa. Colors are blue, burgundy, and orange.

Hello! I’m Joshua. Flatiron School Alum and Code Superhero-In-Training.

Why a superhero, you ask? Well, to put it simply, I am committed to saving my life and bringing out my best self.

Bitmoji-Josh Loves the internet!

Web Accessibility


1. Web Accessibility Around The World

2. ATAG, WCAG, and UAAG — Accessibility Guidelines

3. Modern Web Accessibility

4. Narratives On Accessibility

Most people interact with computers and the internet to display content in an easily digestible format. This is accomplished with a wide variety of web technologies and…

Welcome to Part 2 of my Algorithm Journal!

Algorithm Journal #2


1. Understand the problem

2. Explore Specific Examples

3. Break it Down, Then Solve

4. Analyze & Refactor

5. Sources


In the previous story, I walked step by step through an algorithm. Since that was an introduction, I didn’t go into too many specifics and directly showed an algorithm…

Help, Bitmoji-Josh is confused by algorithms and can’t escape the whiteboard!

Algorithm Journal


1. What are Algorithms? Why are they useful?

2. Example and Process.

3. Optimizing our solution.

3a. Refactored Solution.

4. Conclusion.

4a. Resources.

4b. Sources.

Here’s the deal folks, I’m TERRIFIED of algorithms. They aren’t scary for any particular reason, but facing them; and other problem-solving situations, brings up…

Joshua Mclean

Programmer. Lindy Hop Dancer. Founder of HellaBlackLindyHop

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