“A new black programmer joins the lobby.”

Why I decided to become a programming superhero.

Joshua smiles for a photo in is first custom suit. He bought the fabric in Cape Town, South Africa. Colors are blue, burgundy, and orange.

Hello! I’m Joshua. Flatiron School Alum and Code Superhero-In-Training.

Why programming? Why Tech?

Bitmoji-Josh Loves the internet!

Web Accessibility

An Introduction To Accessibility Standards

Welcome to Part 2 of my Algorithm Journal!

Algorithm Journal #2

Problem Solving Tips for both Technical and Non-Technical Problems


Help, Bitmoji-Josh is confused by algorithms and can’t escape the whiteboard!

Algorithm Journal

Algorithm solving process and resources to support your education.

Bitmoji-Josh welcomes you to Dancing Syntax!

New Publication!

Writing about Code, Dance, Life, and More.


Dancing Syntax

Supporting emotional self-awareness through Data Visualization

A Calendar — Photo by Nick Hiller on Unsplash.


Dancing Syntax

My first exploration.

Scalable Vector Graphics are powerful — Photo by Pankaj Patel on Unsplash.


Dancing Syntax

Photo by Safar Safarov on Unsplash


Unfamiliar code alert! What’s going on here? What’s a Pixel Matrix?

Joshua Mclean

Programmer. Lindy Hop Dancer. Founder of HellaBlackLindyHop

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